Last Man Stand

Where do i have to go.. desert of life ? or an oase at the desert..?

It looks like same.. only a fake i found..

Or I should not be there? just stay and do nothing ?

No …! I should found it!!

I should not surrender for it.. Not just because i like it..

It because i need it.. and i want it..

Because i love it.. And i love the way she lovedthe_man_whoc_can't_be_moved-931


Rasa yang tak akan pernah henti

It’s just words..

even i can’t smile to say it..

even there is nothing who can change..

this yearning..

always embedded right in the heart..

though it turns out ..

I made a mistake ..

I would do this longing for you ..

I’ll wait it’s destiny ..

just for you

my Katrina.. I Love YouImage